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Best free Android games of 2017

Have some time to kill and only your trusty Android phone to keep you company? Take a gander at some of the most exciting, engaging, and free games that you can download from the Google Play Store. We have a healthy mix including shooters, puzzle games, racing, and lots more.
If you're itching for something new and you're able to stomach a few in-app purchase prompts, read on!
Asphalt 8: Airborne is easily one of the top racing games on mobile right now. It skips all pretensions of realism and provides an over-the-top, high-octane experience with all the fixings. Players can work their way through career mode, can unlock new rides, can upgrade the ones they have, or can take the competition online in multiplayer. The usual race modes are there, plus a new Infected mode where players have to tag other racers before succumbing to an explosive virus.
The incredibly polished graphics and outstanding soundtrack make Asphalt 8 an adrenaline trip you won't soon forget.
Build a Bridge!
You don't have to be a civic engineer to build bridges — although it sure would help!
Build a Bridge! is a free game similar to the popular Steam game Poly Bridge, with controls optimized for touchscreen. Each level requires you to build a bridge that's strong enough to allow a car to pass over it without going over budget on supplies.
You plan out the bridge in an easy-to-grasp 2D interface, then give it a test run in 3D to see if it holds up. While conventional engineering standards might typically win the day, it's equally fun to try and experiment with bridges that just barely hold together. A collapsing bridge doesn't necessarily mean you fail, as long as the vehicle makes it to the other side — in this game, a winning bridge can be designed for one use only.
Once you beat a level with three stars in challenge mode, you unlock sandbox mode, which offers you unlimited funds to test the wackiest bridge designs you can think of. There are 30 levels of increasing difficulty to play, along with hidden levels to unlock along the way.
Hearthstone is a free, turn-based card game that follows a familiar formula: players summon creature cards and cast spell cards based on the Warcraft universe in an effort to defeat online opponents. Every one of the nine heroes has their own unique special ability as well as a sizable batch of collectible and craftable cards. Casual online games, ranked matches, wacky weekly Tavern Brawls, and grueling Arena games appeal to varying levels of commitment.
Hearthstone is without a doubt the best free card game to come to Android to date.
Smash Hit
Smash Hit is a minimalist target practice game where players tap the screen to toss a marble and shatter glass obstacles. If you bump into something you lose marbles. Lose all your marbles and it's game over. Every section is littered with power-ups and fresh batches of marbles to keep you going. If you manage to keep hitting the marble refill crystals without missing, you can fire off two, three, or five marbles at once.
Though it's a simple, on-rails shooter, Smash Hit's polished physics make for a massively accessible and compelling experience.
Alto's Adventure
If you haven't checked out Alto's Adventure, what are you waiting for?
It's a beautiful game with simple controls and endless replayability. You play as Alto, who must snowboard down the side of a mountain to collect all of his runaway llamas, dodging boulders and jumping over chasms as he goes. You can pull off epic stunts, pick up power-ups, and work to complete challenges to level up. Sick of the challenges? Simply swipe over to Zen mode and just enjoy the endless relaxation of sliding down the mountainside.
It's definitely one of the best games released for Android in 2016, and best of all — it's FREE!
Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat 5 offers some of the greatest shooting action you'll find on Android. Dive into an action-packed, single-player campaign, and once you're comfortable with the myriad of classes, weapons, and attachments, dive into a variety of multiplayer modes. Challenges invite players to really test their skill in short, specialized scenarios. For those that are really serious, Modern Combat 5 supports hardware controllers for the real FPS experience.
Modern Combat 5 is perfect for hardcore gamers.
Clash Royale
If you've grown tired of Clash of Clans gameplay but still love the characters and world that the folks at Supercell have created, you should definitely check out Clash Royale. Unlock and upgrade troops, build your battle deck, and take on real-life opponents in real-time battles.
Join or create a clan and share cards and strategies with friends from around the world. You'll need to employ quick thinking and genuine strategy to win, so you'll be compelled to keep tweaking your decks by working in new cards. In-app purchases will be tempting and are essentially required to reach the upper echelons of the leaderboards, but there's still tons of fun to be had playing Clash Royale without spending a dime, and Supercell has done a great job supporting the game with updates and balancing.
Sky Force Reloaded
Fans of vertical scrolling shoot-em-ups rejoice! The new Sky Force Reloaded is on Android and is better than ever!
Blast your way through nine action-packed missions as you take down enemies while dodging the attacks they send back your way. Collect stars and upgrade your ships as you try to earn all medals on each mission at each difficulty level. It's a well-polished game from a storied and celebrated franchise, making Sky Force Reloaded an absolute must-play.

Best 6 RPGs for Android

Role-playing games are wonderful, story-driven experiences that complement the mobile gaming experience nicely. Despite the relatively tiny mobile screens we're used to (yes, 5.7 inches is still small by gaming standards) RPGs allow us to get lost in fanciful worlds for a while.
In the case of some games, especially those ported over from PC, that "while" could be 20 or 30 hours! This makes the best RPGs worth their price in the Google Play Store. There are some duds in there, so we've hand-picked the best of the best to save you the trouble of digging.
If you're looking for more than just RPGs, be sure to check out our roundup of the best Android games of the year!
Final Fantasy
One of the most beloved RPG sagas is on mobile in the form of 12 Final Fantasy games:
If you have any love in your heart for the series, then you'll definitely want at least one of these titles on your phone or tablet. Play your way through the entire sci-fi/fantasy saga if you want to and help Cloud stop Sephiroth, help Cecil stop Golbez, and help defeat Queen Brahne alongside Zidane.
Most of the adventures and a few spin-offs are there for you to spend hours and hours with, which makes them worth the cash (they can be as much as $20.99!). Just note that these games can take up a LOT of space, like upwards of 2 gigs. That being said, you're getting the full game with all of these, so 2GB doesn't really seem all the huge. You may have seen ads for Final Fantasy XV, but do note that game was not directly developed by Square Enix and is full of pay-to-win mechanics.
Whether you're up for medieval fantasy or futuristic sci-fi action, Final Fantasy has something for everyone, easily making them some of the best RPGs around for Android or any platform for that matter!
Evoland isn't the most original game of all time, borrowing elements from the Legend of ZeldaDiablo, and Final Fantasy to create a classic RPG adventure that might be a bit of a knock-off, but it's as fun as any of the originals, and there's a damn-good reason for its pilfering of the classics.
This game is all about the evolution of video games, starting you off with two colors and a 2D character. As you progress, you unlock new technologies and new graphics until you reach the modern, 3D/HD age.
Your sort of meta-journey is punctuated by references to classic RPGs and movies, so keep a sharp eye out and enjoy the Easter eggs thrown in as you battle and loot and level up.
If you love RPGs, no matter when they were made, then you'll love Evoland.
Arcane Quest 3
Arcane Quest 3 is a mobile RPG game for fans of classic tabletop games. It's a turn-based RPG that mixes adventure, role-playing, and stragegy elements to tell an epic story of revenge and redemption. You create your adventurer from your choice of 10 unique classes as you battle hordes of orcs and other undead enemies as you fight to restore the honor of your guild and save your people.
On top of the main storyline, there are real-time multiplayer quests so you can team up with your friends and other players from around the world and unlock fantastic rewards. There's also a quest editor that lets you create, publish, and share your custom-made quests, as well as options to play quests created by other players.
There are hours of gameplay to be had there that's sure to please the hardcore RPG gamer, and all without implementing a pay-to-win mechanic. Definitely worth checking out for any RPG fans looking for a new time sink!
Butterscotch Shenanigans makes some quirky and hilarious games and Crashlands is no exception. In what might be the funniest mobile RPG to date, you play as Flux Dabes, a space trucker who's forced to crash-land (get it?) on an alien planet thanks to an alien jerk named Hewgodooko.
As you try to survive on this strange planet, you must craft your way through repairing your ship, build bases, tame wildlife to be pets, and fight the locals while crafting weapons and items from their corpses (it sounds morbid, but it's great).
If you love witty dialogue, a fun story, quirky games, and crafting over 468 items, then you should be playing Crashlands.
Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
If you're a D&D fan, then you're going to want the Baldur's Gate games on your phone ASAP. They use a modified version of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules and the original Baldur's Gate was credited with the computer RPG renaissance in 1998.
These are your classic fantasy games, wherein you start off knowing only the walls of the castle in which you were born, but are thrust into a war-torn world under mysterious circumstances. Venture off and take on mythical creatures, as well as real ones (like rats!)
If you like a good old fashioned romp around a medieval realm, clearing dungeons and slaying beasts, all while creating potions and bettering your character, then the Baldur's Gate games should be right up your alley.
Pocket Mortys
Like Pokémon? Love Rick and Morty? Does the Pope have lips? Is a chicken Catholic? At their core, the original Pokémon games were glorious RPGs and Pocket Mortys is about as close as you can get to (legally) playing the classic Pokémon games on your phone. (Yeah, Pokémon Go is a thing, but it's just not the same!)
You get to control Rick, who's just doing science in his garage when Mysterious Rick comes through a portal and challenges him to a Morty battle. After, Rick goes through the portal to the Council of Ricks, who confiscate his portal gun.
To get it back, you have to defeat the six Ricks sitting on the council, but before you can battle them, you must battle the Ricks from other dimensions and claim their badges. After all that's through, you have to go and capture every type of Morty.
This is probably the most twisted take on Pokémon you'll come across, but it's fun and branded with the cartoon's signature humor, making it a game that just makes you wanna get schwifty.
Download Pocket Mortys and SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.

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CRYPTO MINING GAME is a new kind of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge Faucet where you can mine for game and earn for real!

this faucet is all new again in beta
it is more game-oriented, you can virtually undermine (the CPU is not used), and accomplish missions to increase your level.
the site offers to win bitcoin, litecoin, and doge.
the minimum withdrawal is 50,000 satoshis, 400,000 litoshi, 200 doge. by raising his level in the game it can be done quickly enough.
you can trade your corners on the site to reach the withdrawal threshold faster
there is also a lottery for those who want to try their luck.
you can earn 10% of the earnings of your referrals with the referal

This faucet is quite innovative in its use is gives a playful side, the site is quite easy to use and the design is nice. I hope it will become a safe bet



MINING: You can now mine satoshi, doge and litoshi with your HPower! Mining rate are continuously changing depending on many factors, so check its before to mine. Don't forget to increase it by doing missions!

MISSIONS: You can do missions using your energy to earn satoshi, doge and litoshi and increase your HPower!
EXCHANGE: You can exchange satoshi, doge and litoshi.

10% of the godchildren's earnings

on your wallet (FaucetHub or other) when the minimum is reached
2% charge to FaucetHub, payment processed within 48 hours
10% charge to a wallet, payment processed within 72 hours

The payment methods on the cryptomininggame site are:
Bitcoin Doge Litecoin

Ranking alexa: 37318
Site language: English, Italiano, German


very pleasant to use


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Root Check APK

Got root? This app will let you know if your device has root (superuser) access. 100% free! No ads, no upgrades, just pure Android love.
NOTE: This app does not root your device. It does not modify any system files. The sole purpose of the app is to check whether or not a device has root access. It also provides helpful information about root and Android.
This is a great tool for anyone who is interested in rooting an Android device. It provides a helpful root guide, root terminology, frequently asked questions, and everything you need to get you started. This app will not root your device, but it will give you expert knowledge and point you in the right direction.
So you have root access… what next? This app provides the most popular root apps on Google Play. Find the best root apps and see your currently installed apps that can provide root functionality.
With a material design, Root Check is one sexy beast of an app. It is the smartest and fastest “root checker” available. Don’t waste your time on outdated apps. This is the real deal; developed by one of the top rated “root” developers on Google Play.
Size : 1.8M
Requires Android : 4.0 and up
Offered By : JRummy Apps Inc.

Android™ Pro Tool Apps

Upgrade for Android™ Pro Tool Apps: Essential app to detect your smartphone/tablet specifications and upgrade or update it to a new version of Android™ OS firmware.
This application is capable to test your device and determine if it has the minimum requirements to run the most recent android firmware, and you can use it to test your system for each android version for the required CPU frequency, RAM and Internal Memory. It checks if your device is rooted and updated.
You can also learn about each type of operating system and determine the one that is most appropriate for your needs, so that you can upgrade or update your android firmware in your device.
Root checker: It can detect if your device is rooted or unrooted.
It’s a fast, simple and well designed app to guide you to an android firmware upgrade. Essential to users that want to update their system.
“Best new tool app for this year. Simplicity makes great things.” November,2014 – AppReviews Magazine
“It makes something that is hard, very very simple. And that’s what we all want, goes to the root of the problem.” November,2014 – Appsintally
Contact us:
Google +:
Features firmware:
. Android™ Lollipop, version 5.0;
. Android™ Kitkat, version 4.4;
. Android™ JellyBean, version 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3;
. Android™ IceCream, version 4.0;
. Android™ Honeycomb, version 3.0;
. Android™ Gingerbread, version 2.3;
Also useful to detect your current android version firmware, detect RAM and Internal Memory available in your device, as well as root check. The ultimate upgrade / update tool advisor.
Size : 3.0M
Current Version : 1.1.3
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up
Offered By : Pro Tool Apps


Download ACMarket (AC Market) APK


AC Market was recently launched as an unofficial Android apps market and it has really gone viral. The app contains several thousand of free Android apps and games for your device and by installing this free Android apps market, you can get unrestricted access to the apps of your choice that aren't there on the official Google Play Store. Remember that AC Market isn't official from Google or any other official partner of the open-source Android software so you need to take care of your device's security yourself while using AC Market to download apps and games to your device. Although you will get thousands of free and paid apps at AC Market, you need to keep some important things in your mind while using an external, third-party Android apps market app on your phone.

Is AC Market Safe?

This question is extremely important to be answered while you will go ahead and download ACMarket (AC Market) APK file from our website. Although we scan APK files hosted on our server and we can guarantee the cleanliness of the APK file, but you have to take care yourself while downloading apps and games from their store. Once you will download and install the app on your device, you will be able to browse and search their apps market store directly from your Android device. Now we can't guarantee that all apps and games you will install from there are clean and safe. You will have to use some sort of antivirus on your device to scan the APK files downloaded and installed from AC Market.
This security and safety tip isn't restricted to AC Market only, but this applies whenever you will be using an external source to obtain APK files. So always use trusted sources when it comes to installing apps and games via APK files. Don't forget to read reviews made by other users as there are millions of good hearts who consider leaving their bad and good experiences with apps, games and other things.
The download link of AC Market APK file is given above. If you have reached here then go to the download section of this app here on this page and download it for free. Moreover, if you need to install some sort of Antivirus on your Android device to scan malicious apps and games, then you can consider this app. Antivirus apps like this will help you keep your Android device safe and sound.


APK Creator – Android App Maker Software Online

With Apk Creator you can effortlessly create customized Android applications from online content instantly and without coding skills. Simply by using your tablet, phone or desktop. This is the best solution for everyone and that too at the right price. You do not need to pay any monthly fees as it comes with one time payable fixed cost.

What is Apk Creator?

It is another interesting software based on the core functionality of Android Creator that allows you to develop your native application for free and without the need of programming skills for Android phones and tablets. Whether you are interested in developing the blog app or just for fun you would like to try this software – you can easily access apk creator online based on your requirements.
The application displays information about your offices, company, and products, etc. Just need to enter the information into the wizard and follow the instructions.
Also, you need to the tool in your system, and as an administrator, all changes you made will be immediately reflected on the dashboard or project in which you will be working.
Once the app is developed using the Apk Creator, you can post on your blog, website or list it on Google Play.
It allows you to send notifications directly to the mobile devices of the users. Even you can deliver news and promotions to your users or clients instantly.
Apk Creator

Why should you invest in Apk Creator?

– Pure native android source code app
– Built-in comfortable Android app developer
– Priority server that offers faster delivery
– Let you view all the recently created applications
– Five different languages support it
– Permission manager and options menu manager are integrated into the tool
– It provides customized splash screen effect
– You can quickly monetize your app with the help of AdMob system
– Send push notifications to user

How to use it?

Register – First Step

Initially, you need to register yourself to the official site of apk creator online to be able to use it. To do so, launch the application, and it will display the welcome register screen, where you are requested to provide two details.
– Your primary email address with which you want to register. Note: Here, the user is allowed to mention only one email address.
– Second enter your Google Play order number confirmation. This will be sent to you in registered email address once you bought the app.
As soon as all the information mentioned above is received and processed successfully, ApkCreator will add you to the database.

How does Apk Creator work?

For the tool to work efficiently, you need to have a mobile friendly website. If your site is not adapted for tab or mobile screen sizes, it will work but won’t look good – this means users will drop off. The tool lets you set the parameters required for your app in the given fields. Then the ApkCreator will generate the apk file. Note: the process might take 1 to 5 minutes in creating the apk file.

Features of Apk Creator Explained

1. Active Managers

Be in better control with this tool by using the integrated managers including, Package name, Uses-permissions and options menu tab,

2. Easy App Creator

Most Natural built-in android app creator – It is one of a kind feature. Just providing some necessary information, you can effortlessly create the app from PDF, blog or website.

3. 5+ Languages supported

The ApkCreator supports following languages:
– German
– English
– French
– Italian
– Spanish

4. Monetize your apps

Just add the Admob system and monetize your app. The tool comes with integrated Admob system that provides you custom banner ID and sees your adverts coming.

5. Help & Support

The support department of the Apk Creator is 5 stars rated. They are available 24/7 and 365 days. You can contact their customer support for any doubt or queries. They also provide support for custom developer service if you are interested in more than essential features.

6. Useful Features

The tool also comes with unique and helpful features including, push notifications that let you stay in touch with your customers. If you want more custom style, then there is a feature called splash screen effect.

The cost of ApkCreator

Currently, ApkCreator is available on Google Play store from where you can buy. It can also be purchased from its official website and Fiverr including the desktop version and for all android devices. The regular price of the ApkCreator is CAD 4.99.
Note: The given price is subject to change without any prior notice.
The tool does not include any hidden or extra charges. The user needs to pay the necessary fee for the software. However, if you have custom developer needs, then there will be some additional costs.
You can also purchase full source code at $9.99.

How to set up Push Notification?

Parse SDK is automatically added as soon as you set up the Push notification. Subsequently, you need to provide your Client Key and App ID. You can access this information at – once you register for the app, you will find all the required information.
When your push notification is set up, visit the Parse Dashboard to push new notifications or messages to your app users. You can even see the analytics result.

How to set up AdMob?

As soon as you set up the “AdMob Enabled” SDK will automatically add, then you are required to add your Ad ID. You can access this information at You will get the AD ID once your ad is created.

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